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Why "Microscope Academy of India"?
Why "Microscope Academy of India"?
• We, human beings are the precious gifts from the Almighty God to this planet "Earth", not only for living, enjoying and fading away, but for our repaying to our Almighty creator, by our sacrifices, giving our strengths in the welfare of mankind.
• If we are unable to do so, living is meaningless. So we must find a media to make our sacrifices whatever way we do it, following the path of great thinker & discoverer, who had made sacrifices leaving behind a light to follow, thereby to make repayment to our Creator.
• Such was the man Antonie Von Leeuwenhoek
Antonie Von Leeuwenhoek, a cloth trader from Holland, as well as a Dutch Scientist was the first microscopist, invented 'Microscope' by using single lense with a short focus to study the animals & plants. He drew pictures of microbes such as bacteria, and living cells in blood and body fluids, and little he knew that his inventions of simple microscopes finding will bring a revolution, thus giving greatest gift to the existence of mankind. The Microscope with its powerful technology using phenomenon of "Light" & its symphony since then continued to develop, thus contributing in the every field of Science.
One ofthe unique example of Microscope application is:-
• Fighting Epidemics with Microscopes
Infectious & epidemic diseases such as Cholera, Malaria, and Plague etc. have been cause of death of people worldwide. Medicine Research using Microscope technique had identified the bacteria causing such diseases, resulting invention of preventive medicines & saved lives worldwide.
The Microscope came as the right equipment at the right time.
Any Research & investigation in the Life and Material Sciences without using Microscope & its technology is unthinkable. Thus it is an indispensable tool for the welfare of human being. The users in every field worldwide are eager to harness their knowledge in Microscopy, sharing it, exchanging views & ideas in a platform as "Microscope Academy in India"
The users of such valuable instrument "Microscope", with their enriched experiences & wisdoms are continuously contributing for the benefit of mankind, We will gain immense satisfaction to bring such distinguished people together in a platform of "Microscope Academy of India", so that each of the members are benefited & motivated to strengthen the microscope technology, further sharing their views with the scientists worldwide, thus achieving a satisfaction of "sacrifice" for the benefit of mankind & making living meaningful.
USERS OF MICROSCOPY & its technology in the wide spectrum of disciplines which are as follows:-
Agriculture, Automobile, Cements, Chemicals, Drugs, Education, Fertilizers, Food Products, Forestry, Glasses, Health & Medical Sciences, Machine Tools, Metallurgical, Minerals, Papers, Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, Power & Energy, Railways, Road Transports, Soap & Detergent Chemicals, Textiles, Steels etc.
Care & Maintenance of Microscopes
Microscopes are used for investigation & analysis. If it is not maintained pr.operly with skills scientifically, microscopes will not function and these precious instruments will not be able to rescue millions of lives in Life Science & cannot improve Qualitative & Quantitative status in material science. Thus it is essential that users are aware on the technology of maintaining microscopy.
Microscope Academy of India will create a division with the expertise to impart knowledge on this subject of care & maintenance of microscope.
After doing his Master's degree in Science, Mr. J. K. Soneja, joined the family business of Instrumentation,established as far back as 1925. He has devoted the best part of his life, almost 40 years, to tl;e science of Biomedics 'and Opllcs. He has' been the moving force behind the development of the Metzer Group of industries which has made commendable, rapid strides in the manufacture of High-Technology Optical, Educational and Analytical Instruments.
Apart from being very active in the commercial field, Mr. Soneja is deeply involved in the academic sphere as well. He is a Life Member of the Indian Science Congress, Elected Member of the Royal Microscope Society of Great Britain, Chief Coordinator for the Microscope Society of India. He has also been the Chairman on the Board of a leading Indian monthly journal on Instrumentation.
Mr. Soneja was also an Expert Nominee of the U.N.D.P. from India in the. field of Optlcal lnstruments, He represented India as a Member of the Expert Deleqation Committee to Europe, to explore the possibilities of export of Optical Instruments from India. He has even represented on the ISI Sub-committee on Optical Instruments. Mr. Soneja has been a very active member of All India Instruments & Manufacturers & Dealers Association for more than 30 years. He is at present the President of the association. Mr. Soneja is the chairman of leading manufacturing company Metzer Biomedical & Electronics Pvt. Ltd. with business network all over India & abroad.

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