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Today, there are several inventions and methods applied to the microscope industry which have contributed to its development over the years. It is because of these two factors primarily that the quality of microscopes has advanced to the highest level in recent times.
    The use of microscopes has hitherto been limited mainly to the basic studies of science", but of late, microscopes have made their way into manufacturing workshops and their use has been extended to experiments, tests and inspections conducted in the course of manufacturing operations. Accordingly, microscopes may be classified firstly, according to users, as for instance, hospitals, research institutes, workshops, schools, etc., and secondly, according to the object for which they are employed, such as medical research. clinical studies, industrial research and student experiments. Thirdly, structural peculiarities and other considerations give rise to a special breed of microscopes, which are not in the periphery of this book and hence are not dealt with here.
   Therefore, it may be seen from the above that. microscopes are classified according to their specific uses and are manufactured in a wide range so as to satisfy the particular needs of their users.
   Furthermore, the latest technical developments, dealt with earlier have led to the need for introducing such a book for those studying Biology, Pathology, Metallurgy, Forensic Science and even for those doing applied Research in Industrial Laboratories.
  It is in this context, therefore, that the author takes pleasure in introducing his updated book on the subject of Microscopy. The book deals with various types of microscopes for different fields.
   The book appears in India for the first time. The author is Managing Director of the Metzer Group, manufacturers of high-precision, analytical and optical instruments which have found recognition, both in India and overseas.
  He has covered as much as possible on the subject of Microscopy and specifically the Compound Microscope as required by today's medical and research students. Therefore, the relevance of this book is most timely in as much as it treats the subject on a purely scientific scale rather than as an art, which its precursor the simple microscope, had fuifilled the need for so ably.
  The author thinks the book will prove to be an excellent guide today to tomorrow's students of advanced medicine and engineering.
1. Understanding the Compound Microscope
2. Microscope Accessories
3. Photomicrography
4. Mounting Techniques
5. How Microslides are Illuminated
6. Specialized Techniques and Applications
7. Operating Microscopes
8. Fluoreseence Microscopy
9. World Class High – Tech Microscopes
10. Image Analysis Softwares
11. Profile Projectors
12. Graticules price Rs. 450/- (US $ 10.00)

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